Re-Branding of Critical Care Services Ontario


In December 2012 the Critical Care Secretariat was rebranded as Critical Care Services Ontario.

The Secretariat played an increasingly important role in developing the initiatives under Ontario's Critical Care Strategy, working closely with the field to implement programs that improve access, quality and integration of critical care services to meet the needs of critically ill patients in Ontario. Since its inception in 2006 the Critical Care Secretariat expanded to incorporate programs related to critical care such as neurosurgery, trauma and burns, paediatric critical care and chronic ventilation.

This new phase for CCSO responds to successful partnership work in implementing Ontario’s Critical Care Strategy and expansion of mandate to include work in areas that heavily rely on critical care services. The evolution of CCSO is supported by the Provincial Programs Branch in the Negotiations and Accountability Management Division of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. CCSO’s functions remain true to the original principles of improving access, quality and system integration through key activities including: system performance measurement and monitoring, strategic planning for the critical care system, targeted program implementation and evaluation, and developing lasting partnerships with health sector partners.

Critical Care Services Ontario is guided by a Coordinating Committee which acts as a forum for shaping and embracing the vision for CCSO, promoting open and vigorous debate, and sharing approaches to develop an improved system of integrated critical care services in the province. The Coordinating Committee is comprised of the volunteer leaders of CCSO's program areas and held its inaugural meeting on October 1st, 2012.

Throughout this website and in the documents hosted therein the organization is referred to as the Critical Care Secretariat up to December 2012, and as Critical Care Services Ontario thereafter.