Critical Care Information System

Critical Care Information System Image The Critical Care Information System (CCIS) provides real time data on every patient admitted to Level 3 and Level 2 critical care units in Ontario’s acute care hospitals and, provides the Ministry, the LHINs and hospitals with information on bed availability, critical care service utilization and patient outcomes. The CCIS has been implemented in 201 adult and paediatric Level 3 and Level 2 critical care units. The system provides an important medium for monitoring and managing the province’s critical care resources more effectively, and for highlighting opportunities to implement quality improvement initiatives at individual hospitals and across the LHINs.

CCSO works with healthcare partners to refine the critical care indicators and reports to facilitate hospitals, the LHIN’s and the MOHLTC’s understanding of the critically ill patient population and resource utilization patterns across the province. Additionally, in order to further enhance the value of CCIS to the critical care system, a CCIS Advisory Committee has been established to oversee all of the strategic activities and general system performance.

Overview of CCIS
​The CCIS presentation was developed by CCSO to provide an overview of the Critical Care Information System (CCIS) including an evolution of the system, how the near time capture of data in CCIS supports the information needs of the critical care system and helps monitor and address any emerging pressures in critical care capacity, and moderate surge management in the province.