Critical Care Response Team (CCRTs)

Critical Care Response Team (CCRTs) ImageIn 2006, the Critical Care Strategy was launched to improve critical care services in Ontario. Critical Care Response Teams (CCRTs) are one of the seven initiatives of that Strategy. CCRTs, also known as ‘Medical Emergency Teams’, ‘Critical Care Outreach Teams’ or ‘Rapid Response Teams’, are a major innovation in hospital practice. Comprised of specially trained critical care practitioners, CCRTs work collaboratively with hospital staff to identify, assess, and respond to the needs of seriously ill patients prior to the development of progressive and irreversible deterioration. These teams apply the principles of acute medicine and resuscitation across the hospital and bring specialist knowledge and skills from the ICU directly to the bedside on a 24/7 basis. Presently, there are 27 physician-led CCRTs at adult sites and four paediatric CCRTs with in-hospital and extramural service to support physicians who care for critically ill children throughout the province.

In 2012, a CCRT Task Force was established to develop recommendations on enhancing the Adult CCRT Program to ensure a sustainable model for the future. The Task Force will liaise with the CCRT community and work to identify opportunities for improvement and mechanisms to address current challenges.

Critical Care Response Team (CCRT) Training Initiative

Critical Care Response Team (CCRT) Training Initiative ImageCritical Care Response Teams (CCRTs) extend critical care beyond the physical walls of the intensive care unit (ICU), regardless of where a patient is located within the hospital. Ongoing and multi-faceted training is necessary for CCRTs to keep their skills current and to address training needs for new members in a manner that ensures consistency in care practices across the province. Responding directly to education needs identified by the field, CCSO has developed 5 E-Learning modules targeted at CCRT members providing interactive training and education in areas such as: CCRT Consultations Basics, Ethics, Conflict Resolution and Crisis Resource Management. Click on Training Initiatives to launch the CCRT Training Program.