Performance Improvement Collaborative

Performance Improvement Collaborative Image The Performance Improvement Collaborative was established in response to recommendations of the Critical Care Steering Committee Final Report to support and educate all parts of the critical care system in the area of performance improvement.

Balanced Scorecard

The goal of the Balanced Scorecard is to embed a culture of ongoing accountability and performance improvement in critical care services delivery. In 2012 Critical Care Services Ontario developed and implemented a scorecard at the critical care unit level, this will be followed in 2013 by the development and implementation of LHIN and Provincial level scorecards. The implementation of this initiative is aligned with the objectives of the Ministry's Critical Care Strategy and the Excellent Care for All Act.

SME Coaching Team

SME Coaching Team ImageThe Subject Matter Experts (SME) Coaching Team program is a collaborative process which includes frontline staff, clinicians, hospital administration and expert coaches from across the province working together to build a more robust model of critical care.

In 2011, the Critical Care Secretariat contracted 29 SMEs as a first step in revamping the Coaching program to include a focus on areas of success, and to adopt new strategies in an effort to ensure the program remains current, relevant and successful going forward. In addition, the SMEs will assist the CCS in identifying best practice strategies to improve quality across critical care practices and work with the Critical Care Knowledge Translation Network to verify and synthesize best practices and practice models.