Training Initiatives


CCRT Training Program




The CCRT Training Program was created in response to CCRT members’ requests for additional education and training. This online program is free of charge and can be accessed at any time, which means that CCRT members can learn at their own pace.

This program is beneficial for both new CCRT members and for experienced CCRT members looking for a quick refresh of skills. The program is comprised of five chapters, each with a focus on CCRT consult specific skills.

1) Introduction to Critical Care Response Teams
2) The Scope of a CCRT Consultation
3) Ethics and CCRT
4) Conflict Resolution
5) Crisis Resource Management

To run the CCRT Training program, Adobe Flash Player 9 (or above) and Adobe Reader 6 (or above) must be installed.

​​Goals of Care (GOC) e-Learning Module




The Goals of Care (GOC) e-Learning Module is based on the Critical Care Access and Consent Toolkit which was published in 2012. The e-module guides users on how to have the end of life (EOL) conversation with patients and families. The GOC e-Learning module is made up of three modules, each addressing a different area in the GOC conversation:

Module 1: Preparing for the Goals-of-Care Conversation,
Module 2: Pre-Conversation considerations
Module 3: Having the conversation

Last updated: August 29, 2019